Hidden Money in Jax

What happened on June 4th in Downtown Jacksonville.

This website is here to answer your basic questions. Like who's behind this, what's the why behind this etc...

Who's giving away this money?

Just someone who doesn't need it. Beyond that, I think I want to see how many other people I can get involved or inspired, to simply give away money. So maybe in the future, there will be cash from someone else.

Why are you giving away money?

I'd like to think I've done well for myself. I believe God has blessed me, and I often try to find ways of giving back. Inspired by "Hidden Money" based in California, I've decided to do something similar in Jacksonville, a city I love.

Additionally, this is separated from charities in that no one has to qualify. You don't have to have an illness, be poor, or be homeless.

Where do I find the money?

We're posting where we're dropping off money on our Twitter.

But we're giving away more than just a couple bills...

Follow us. Watch us invest in startups. In the near future, I plan to fund 3 local startups, with no strings in regard to ownership or repaying me back. We'll get into the details later.

I want to talk to you, or help, or something else...

Okay, to prevent 100's of emails. As of right now, the only way to receive money is through the scavenger hunt. Updates will be posted on our Twitter.

Maybe you have $10 to spare, or more. Maybe you want to contribute to the fun and giving? Let's talk

So email me. whatsup@hiddenmoneyjax.com